New Single Release- Fly Me Home

Kristin's new single “Fly Me Home” releases this Friday May 26th where ever you listen! Produced by veteran songwriter and producer Dean Krippaehne, this single based on Kristin's departure from NYC, is one to check out! 

Kristin's music was recently placed on Better Call Saul!

Thank you for helping feed thousands!

THANK YOU!!!! This years Snow Globe raised 31,465 meals with your help! I took a trip to the SODO NW Harvest location to drop off the check, and the whole foods and homeless suitable meals they provide is truly amazing. Thank you to all that came to the show, donated, and sponsored. Thank you to the musicians for playing so beautifully, and the The Royal Room for having us! Thank you to Loudswell for your streaming service. Every year the show grows with your help and we in turn feed thousands. A bright spot in 2021! Join us next year for the 8th Snow Globe!

The 7th Annual Snow Globe Concert Benefitting Northwest Harvest

The 7th Annual Snow Globe Concert benefitting Northwest Harvest  was a fantastic success.Thank you to all that joined us at The Royal Room and those that streamed from home! The stream is still available bye to watch and you can still donate here in it's honor until January 1st...Northwest Harvest Donation

Stream the show here!

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