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Come out this Saturday and enjoy Kristin and her fantastic Band live in Seattle @ Conor Byrne in fun filled Ballard!
Kristin plays at 9pm sharp!

Everything Woman CD's Arrive 

The feeling of receiving the physical proof of your work is needless to say rewarding!  I knew the day would come that all of our hard work would be wrapped up in a beautiful package so I can share it with you.  In this digital age of streaming and downloading it's tempting to not go through the process of printing something physical at all.  I am glad I did and will continue to do so. The beautiful artwork that Marie Skoor created, really made the project come to life for me and taking the time to make a lyric poster insert and fold them personally was the icing on top.  To be able to hand a tangible piece of work to someone feels like something special these days. After October 4th these physical CD's will be for sale here on my site, complete with the lyric poster inside!

Tom Lohrmann Music Interview 

Tom Lohrmann is a musician and writer from Washington DC (currently living in Nashville, TN). He is a marketing consultant currently working with Old Dog LLC and numerous independent artists and bands around the world while providing vocals, guitars, and bass for the rock duo Sonic Nights. Tom began work on his musicblog in late 2011; since then has worked with over 300 artists through the blog and accompanying consulting, development, and management services. 
Here is an interview he  recently did with Kristin….

Album Art is in! 

Wow! I am so in love with the art design by artist Marie Skoor. There is something that happens when your music receives it's visual art counter part.  As a writer I spend a lot of time in intangible areas- ideas, theme, rhyme, not rhyme, listening, melody, more thoughts. To near the end of the recording,mixing and mastering part of Everything Woman, wrapping it in such beautiful art makes it real, and even more special to me. Here is the cover for you to preview. 
Thank you Marie! 

"Everything Woman" gets it's Final Mix! 

Mixing- the time when Eric disappears for 12-24 hours at a time, then surfaces with a "check this out!" or "Come over and listen!". Eric should have his ears insured for millions, because they are the best around. In this photo, I watched as he nuanced, leveled,tweaked,listened again,and again.Though seemingly a rabbit hole of work,the energy I picked up on was someone enjoying being deep in their art form. The process of mixing 12 songs is for someone equal parts detail oriented,creative, passionate about music, and goal oriented. I think Eric is a natural. Me and my music are grateful. I am so eager to share these songs with you. Please join us if geographically possible at The Royal Room Oct 4th to celebrate and be a part of the launch of "Everything Woman".

Horns and Strings! Blown away 

Hans Teuber has sincerely blown me away. From the start of this project Eric has had horns and strings on his mind and  was trusting that someone as talented as Hans would orchestrate them. I felt that strings were necessary, but hadn't really thought too much about trombone to be honest. I was so excited and grateful that Hans was interested to be in on the project, and as the days went by with him working away on my songs, I definitely felt my anticipation growing.
Then came the day for me to hear what he and Eric had cooking. This first session with Steve Moore on Trombone and Al Keith on trumpet felt a bit like Christmas for me. I listened as they played out the beautiful orchestrations, and felt the fire being stoked for the home stretch of the making of this record. 
The title track "Everything Woman" is now a special blend of roots and soul with the horns layered over the top. Hans's orchestrations fill the perfect amount of space and further the story of each of my songs so perfectly that I felt he was reading my mind! I cannot wait for you to hear these….

My "People's Choir" and part of Seattle's "The Coats" 

Background vocals are super fun for me. On most of the tracks I did all of them and there is one cameo by Eric. It seemed however, that  two of the songs called for some other singers to come on board!
For "Wishful Thinking" (the most whimsical tune on the album), I felt the need for a fun group of singers. Eric titled them
my "people's choir" and the timing was perfect as it was time to raise a glass to celebrate Eric's new space as well! We had some 
bubbly and sang the Chorus many times. So "Wishful Thinking" 's people's choir is comprised of Mac Chambers, Marie Skoor, Grace Shipley or "Gracie", Megan and Jonas Haskins. Super fun family time!
On "Before the Light of Day" we invited Jamie Dieveney and Keith Anderson of The Coats to come in to add some gospel sounds. 
It was really fun to see them work their magic. They know each other so well after over 20 years in The Coats that 
one seems to know what the other is about to do well before. Can't wait for you to hear!

First Sessions at Skoor Sound! 

We're in! Eric has everything up and running and we are focusing on finishing the vocals on 5 of the 12 songs in this project. I am loving the  smell of new wood and shellac, and all the finishings that Eric thought of. The sound proofed window is such a beautiful touch- and there was rain and sun today to high light why we will love it as we head into Spring. When you are settling into a new studio you notice the things you need still. You know that the space is perfect when the  most glaring thing that is missing is a little garbage can, which we made a special trip on our break to go get.
Vocals in the studio are a fascinating process for me. After singing,performing, studying and teaching everything voice for years I keep myself open to the "one more time's" and "almost's" that I hear coming through my headphones through the glass. Eric's ears are better than mine when I am in the middle of it. At the end of these days I left feeling like I have less and more understanding of this studio magic we keep chasing. 

February is long  

It is February and I am busting at the seams to get on with the creative part of making a record. Which leads me to share that my producer and friend Eric  is a perfectionist that has of course decided to build his own studio and perfectly.  We are right on schedule as our plan was to begin recording at Litho and continue vocals at Crackle and Pop, and finish the record at Skoor Sound once the studio is done. I have shared his blog below. Those of you who are thinking of building your own studio, there is a lot of great information here. Lucky for me he is taking the same care as he painstakingly did on every detail of Skoor Sound on every one of my songs. His Producing is definitely shining just the right light on my songs. Now let me in there to make some noise!

November we dig in to vocals for "Everything Woman" 

Crackle and Pop is a sweet recording studio in Ballard WA. I spent some time looking out of this window while listening to the play backs of my own voice. Listening to yourself is interesting and sobering, but sometimes I can breathe a sigh of relief when it's right.  Eric and I were here for 3 days starting to track vocals.  It's been two days since the recording and I feel like I'm waking up from it. I was unfortunately fighting the plague and therefor infused with Zyrtec and satsuma oranges much of the time. I checked with Eric and he confirmed that it did all in fact happen and went swimmingly. We were successful in getting vocals on 7 of my twelve songs pretty much buttoned up. It's a good days work tracking to Keith Lowe, Jeff Fielder, Michael Stegner, and Eric. Over and over their artistry in my head. What I am left with is a clearer picture of what I will share with you in a matter of months now. I am the luckiest songwriter singer to have my songs land in the skilled, perfectionist, visionary hands of Mr. Eagle and even waking from my satsuma high I am  excited to share this work with you soon......

Studio Magic 

Beginning to record "Everything Woman" with the "Dream Team"!
So today began the base tracking at Litho studios in Fremont. Eric and I have been working together on demo's and getting my work to a really clear  place. Eric says that there should always be "room for studio magic". With these guys there with be a lot of that I suspect. Michael Stegner will be the pianist on this record and he has lended his charting expertise to my music so we are all literally on the same page. He is such a beautiful player! Jeff Fielder is a Seattle legend. His guitar playing is equal parts grit,heart and beauty. I have known Jeff for a long time, and I love it when our musical paths cross. Keith Lowe on Bass is a dream. In the past I don't think I truly grasped Bass as an instrument. My ears spend more time on melody and lyrics. Working with Eric who is a drummer and now Keith on Bass; I have a better understanding of groove. Keith plays solidly and permanently "in the pocket" but also with artistry and personality. 
Eric Eagle on drums- while producing. To me this sounds like riding a bike on loose sand or maybe even straight through a pool. Very hard. Eric excels in this situation. He has a direct line to what he wants while waiting for that "studio magic" to arrive. And with Eric it usually does.


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