New Single "Fear Or Love" Set for Release Oct. 21

Join Kristin for her October Single release celebration and show at Elsom Cellars Winery.  
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New Video Release!

Each and every day of our lives, we make a choice…we can live for “Fear Or Love.”

In a world that tries to convince us daily of its madness…WE make the choice on whether or not to run & hide from the danger or to stand our ground proudly in effort to protect the people/planet we love. 

I am so excited to release my video for "Fear or Love" created and directed by Tomoki Arakawa, and filmed by DJ McCoy. As you know in music it takes a village to make big songs like this soar. The musicians on this track are over the top. Thank you Tim Young (guitars), Keith Keith Lowe (bass), Mack Grout(piano/organ), and Eric Eagle (drums/percussion). Eric at (Skoor Sound) for helping bring this and all my songs to life. Martin Feveyear for stellar mastering.
Please Join us at Elsom Cellars October 21 for the Release Party and Show! We will be celebrating the choice we all have to love!

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Fear or Love Single Release Party!

Elsom Cellars Winery, 2960 4th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134

Join Kristin and her band in the release of her latest single "Fear or Love", as well as Elsom Cellars limited "Fear or Love" Red. Kicking off the night Kristin will premiere the "Fear or Love" video produced by artist Tomoki Arakawa. This is one of Kristin's most provocative and rocking tunes to date. Blend that with the lovely Elsom Cellars ambiance and wine and you've got yourself a truly special night!

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Original music inspired by The Jack Straw Writers Anthology 2016.

Writers from the Anthology are paired with Bushwick musicians. These musicians then have the opportunity to work with the writers on creating a new work inspired by the writers creation.


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